Modified Ecommerce Shopping Cart Customization

The idea and its sequel

Modified Ecommerce Shopsoftware

The modified eCommerce Shopsoftware is a freely published open source shop system under the GPL license. If you already have a shop and want to change to modified eCommerce Shopsoftware while preserving the existing data, no problem! We can import the data from numerous shop systems completely in our system. Simply request a free quote: Click Me

Stability, security and handling have significantly modified the eCommerce Shopsoftware priority. A new attractive Template to CSS base is included, which can be freely edited and customized to your needs.

The main advantages of modified E-Commerce Shopsoftware:

  • The "minimum legal requirements" are met, such as copying the data protection declaration, revocation and Conditions link at the check-out (once the ordering processes), indicating the delivery time, automatically send them along the right of withdrawal and the signature on the order e-mail, etc.
  • W3C valid XHTML Standard Template
  • The incorporation of many useful functions easier to buy and with the administration of the shop.
  • Ready implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) modifications are standard.
  • Double opt in for e-mail (from v1.03), which means the control of the email address when registering reduces input errors.
  • Account delete function for the customer (from 1.03) - Show what the importance of "privacy" has for you; you can offer your customers the option to delete their accounts.
  • The Google Base Export module with shipping meets the legal requirements.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization (Meta tags, URLs ShopStat, CSS template) are completed and implemented as standard.
  • Critical security updates are built and developed.
  • The Thickbox offers a "state of the art presentation" of your product images.
  • Store Dashboard - provides the revised start_en.php for the admin for easy administration.
  • The Quick and Easy installation routine will ensure that you can start right away.
  • Current payment modules have been integrated (PayPal, bank transfer, Moneybookers, etc.)

Any person using the modified eCommerce Shopsoftware should know the User's Manual of DokuMan Since DokuMan is one of the developers of this project, all of which are included in the instructions bug fixes in the modified eCommerce Shopsoftware already worked! Here is the link to the latest version of the user manual: Click me


You are curious, but fear your skills are not sufficient for the construction of its own store? No problem, a strong development team and a strong, friendly community offer free support! Whether you are a beginner or professional sellers already - we are promoting to page. Here there are no jeers from beginner questions, but constructive and factual support. And that also applies to expert questions and tricky special problems. Shop owners to help shop owners, a daily growing number of specialists find solutions to almost any problem and that too, quickly and clearly. Our dedicated support team makes the shop easy and keeps you relaxed as the community endeavors every day in making the shop more and more error-free. New legal requirements are taken up directly to the modified eCommerce Shopsoftware is always up to date. Unlike other support forums there is no contribution compulsion.

There are no fees; neither are there minimum contributions nor specific personal information requirements for accessing the forum. This project has the transparency in the foreground. This allows the user the accurate tracking of current changes to the source of the shop, guaranteeing that multiple developers can work simultaneously and thus faster in the continuous improvement. Every dedicated user can also register as a developer. The forum actively supports development guidance for the developers.

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