Online Fund Transfer

ICICI Bank Customers can make an online transfer of payments to our account. From your ICICI bank account, you can make a Third Party Transfer to our account.

Account Information
Payee Account No 0205-0500-4657
Branch Jamnagar
Payee Name Skynet Technologies
Transfer Description For the domain Name "your domain" from "your username (email id)"

Procedure for Online Transfer:

1 Log onto your ICICI Internet Banking account from http://www.icicibank.com

2 Select "Funds Transfer" from the Left Menu.

3 Select "Transfer funds to any ICICI Bank Account across India"

4 First you will have to add us as a payee. For this select "Add Payee" from the top menu. Add Beneficiary Details.

Payee Account Number : 0205-0500-4657
Choose "05" in small drop
In second small box add Payee Name : Skynet Technologies

5 Once the Payee has been confirmed by ICICI Bank you can make the funds transfer to our account.

Note : Please email us domain name & bank details after depositing Cash/cheque in our ICICI account