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Online Fund Transfer

ICICI Bank Customers can make an online transfer of payments to our account. From your ICICI bank account, you can make a Third Party Transfer to our account.

Account Information
Payee Account No 020505004657
Branch Jamnagar
Payee Name Skynet Technologies
Transfer Description For the domain Name "your domain" from "your username (email id)"

Procedure for Online Transfer:

1 Log onto your ICICI Internet Banking account.

2 Select "Funds Transfer" from the Left Menu.

3 Select "Transfer funds to any ICICI Bank Account across India"

4 First you will have to add us as a payee. For this select "Add Payee" from the top menu. Add Beneficiary Details.

Payee Account Number : 020505004657
Choose "05" in small drop
In second small box add Payee Name : Skynet Technologies

5 Once the Payee has been confirmed by ICICI Bank you can make the funds transfer to our account.

Note : Please email us domain name & bank details after depositing Cash/Cheque in our ICICI account

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