X-Cart E-Commerce Web Development Customization Solution

X-Cart Add to cart Popup Alert

  • Alerts your customers that they have added to cart
  • Displays upselling or random products
  • Displays link to cart, checkout or close popup (continue shopping)
  • Works on the product listing pages, search result pages etc. also
  • Uses Shadowbox

X-Cart Simple Sitemap :

  • A basic sitemap, lists all products alphabetically.
  • Optional product descriptions, static pages and speedbar items.
  • This will be adequate for most stores, not recommended for large stores!
  • To generate a Google/Yahoo sitemap,

X-Cart Advanced Product Video :

  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, Google, Dailymotion, Metacafe and Gametrailer.com videos!
  • Up to five videos per product
  • Plays videos in a neat lightbox with 10 different skins
  • Videos can be placed in a product tab if you wish (v4.4.x)
  • Automatically generates video thumbnails with optional filmstrip and tooltip effects
  • Thumbnails are provided by a third party free service
  • Lists all added videos on a single page (videos.php)

X-Cart Live Multiple Currency Display :

  • Displays up to 7 additional currencies on your product pages
  • Display currencies on product results pages, product page and shopping cart page
  • Retrieves up to date currency rates from Yahoo! Finance in real time via ajax
  • Set your currency codes and symbols in the module options
  • Displays the appropriate country flag next to the currency price
  • 159 country currency icons included
  • Sets the currency rates as cookies, updates rates every 4 hours or after cookies expire
  • Works with main product prices only (not product options, variant, or wholesale prices)
  • Compatible with v4.4.x at present, contact us for earlier versions
  • Easy installation, small file size, cross-browser compatible

X-Cart Multimap :

  • Dynamic category tree (up to 4 levels), products and manufacturers lists (A-Z)
  • Enables your customers to easily find products
  • Available all on one page or individual pages
  • Suitable for small-medium size stores up to 1000 products
  • Unordered list based, fast loading
  • Cross browser compatible


X-Cart Multiple Manufactures:

  • Give you more flexibility over the display of manufacturers.
  • Ideal for stores with loads of manufacturers.
  • Filters manufacturers by first letter.
  • Easy to customise.
  • Optional multiple columns.
  • Optional logo, name, description and URL.
  • Choose which 'letters' to display


X-Cart Watermarked Images:

  • Protect your copyrighted work, images being downloaded and re-used by competitors
  • Choose to watermark thumbnails, detailed images or both
  • Generates and caches the new watermarked images on the fly
  • Textual watermarking only, ie. no image overlay possible
  • Custom watermark text, else displays your company name
  • Set the watermark transparency
  • Set the location of the watermark on the image (top, middle or bottom)
  • Ability to use any valid truetype font
  • Your source images should be JPEG or PNG for best effect, not GIFs
  • Sharpen and set image quality (JPEG images only)
  • Add keywords to your watermarked images (good for image SEO)
  • Displays detailed images with the Colorbox popup plugin
  • Easy to install

X-Cart RSS Feeds Generators:

  • Quick and easy way to stay in touch with your customers via RSS feeds
  • Promote your feeds to RSS aggregators and get more traffic!
  • Generates latest news and latest products RSS feeds
  • Configurable in admin
  • Set title and descriptions of feeds
  • Choose maximum number of entries to display
  • Use product short or detailed descriptions
  • Set product thumbnail width
  • Set feed language and encoding type
  • Easy to install

X-Cart Store Location :

  • Simple and effective way to add a store locator
  • Uses Google Maps API
  • Can use HTML in the balloon popups
  • Note: 'allow_url_fopen' needs to be ON.

To get detailed information about X-Cart Customization Services, please feel free to contact us.