What's Tick Tick Time

Tick Tick Time is an easy-to-setup and user friendly time and attendance system that run on Smartphone and tablets. It is an ideal solution for little and medium organizations hoping to track time and attendance without the typical expenses and overhead of conventional systems.

Utilizing our Fast-Scan innovation, workers can punch In and Out in under a moment, and on the grounds that Tick Tick Time keeps running in the cloud, there's no product or servers to keep up. Managers can see who's in and run time and attendance reports whenever, anyplace from Smartphone and Tablets which are running Google Android or Apple iOS including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The flexibility of Tick Tick Time allows a wide assortment of utilizations including,
  • Use to track student and faculty attendance in school and colleges
  • Use to track associate member attendance in event, club or group gathering
  • Widely use to track workers or employee time and attendance for your small to large business
Get up and running in minutes
Fast-Scan innovation


Get Access in a Minute

Tick Tick Time provides an easy and user friendly signup process with a capacity to print your own employee card which allows you to get access within a minute.

Fast Scan Innovation

Tick Tick Time comes with a fast scan innovation which allows employee to punch In and Out by PIN if card is lost or damage by the employee under a second.

Face Recognition*

Track the attendance of your employees easily with Face Recognition feature. It can detect, recognize and verify the captured faces and make your organizations’ attendance process faster and more precise. It is more convenient, accurate and secure for your organization!

*This feature is only available on iOS app.

No Hardware-Software Required

Tick Tick Time is a cloud based application. It does not require any hardware or software to run and maintain, managers can access Tick Tick Time from anytime, anyplace.

Export Multiple Online Reports

Manages have special admittance to multiple online reports to track employee attendance and compute pay and also can export multiple reports in different formats which help in easy integration with payroll system.

Run Without Internet

Don’t worry if you don’t always have internet connection, Tick Tick Time allow you to run and utilize application without an internet. When an internet connection is accessible, your device will consequently synchronize all data to timetracker.com

Multiple Tracking System

If your company, organization or college have different departments, then you can link multiple Tick Tick Time to it and it will allows you to track time and attendance from multiple geographical location and departments.

Safe and Secure

Tick Tick Time will give you a guarantee for the end to end data security and safety.