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Facial Recognition Attendance
Facial Recognition

Contactless Face Recognition feature allows employees to mark the attendance with face detection. Tick Tick Time eliminates proxy attendance and ensures real-time, authentic, and verified attendance.

High Accuracy and Speed
High Accuracy
and Speed

The Tick Tick Time attendance system’s recognition features integrated with a powerful contactless attendance system. The creation of a system and integrated features procedure demonstrated excellent accuracy, speed, and usability.

Detects One Person at a Time
Detects Single Person
at a Time

The system stores some samples of images per person. Every time when it detects a single face, it compares and able to identify particular face from saved data.

Cloud Based

To manage accurate employees’ attendance in a smarter way, we provide complete cloud-based attendance solutions provide flexible and user-friendly solutions. It provides many benefits for both organizations and employees.

Email Alerts
Email Alerts

With the help of Email alerts, admin get instant alert notifications about the changes made to your organizational account such as add/edit/delete/approve/reject a record and also notify for employee arrival and leave from workplace.

Manage Employees Data
Advanced Report

Our smart Attendance system capture real-time data and auto-generated wages, salary, payroll reports base on check-in/check-out timing of employees. It generates easy-to-read reports making sense of workflow data.

Offline Mode
Offline Mode

Our touch-free attendance system able to manage and store employee’s data records even in offline mode. It is able to save employee's arrival and leave entry without an internet connection and update automatically when switching to online.

PIN Attendance
PIN Attendance

It also allows employees attendance with a Personal Identity Number (PIN). All employees have their own unique PIN to check-in/check-out with best-in-class data security and backup.

Fast Scan Technology
Fast-Scan Technology

Easily and rapidly scan employee QR card, in a millisecond of time employee can check-in/check-out. It also quickly detects employee's face and allow check-in/check-out in seconds.

Auto Check-in Check-out
Auto Check-in/Check-out

It mainly save employee time and eliminate the chance of mistake in manual check-in/check-out. With Tick Tick Time employees can enable auto check-in and auto check-out to help keep your staff safe and your records up to date.

No External Hardware Device
No External Hardware/Device

TTT can operate and allow use with only a single device (smartphone or tablet) or you can easily use it with the mobile phone camera scanning.

How it Works?

Make your Attendance Management better, faster, and easier
Employee Record Creation
Employee Records Management

The cloud-based management system manages
employee’s data records.

Scanning Facial Recognition
Scanning / Facial Recognition

AI-based attendance system recognizes a face
and compares it with stored data.

Real Time Attendance Data Sync
Real-time Attendance Data Sync

Real-time attendance system sync with
the cloud and company HRMS.

Arbo Tech
Air Bus

What is TTT?

Next-Gen Cloud-based Touchless Attendance System

TICK TICK TIME is an advanced touchless attendance system. It is an AI-based computer vision to detect and identify the face of employees without any physical contact. Its advanced and next-generation employee identification algorithm allows precise and quick real-time touch-free employee attendance with high security. TICK TICK TIME is best suited for


  • IT
  • Education
  • Construction sites
  • Corporate offices
  • Government organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities
  • Public sector
  • Private Companies
  • Retail industries
  • Food industries
  • Transport Companies
  • Finance – Bank
  • Manufacturing
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Crazy About Innovations
Say Goodbye to Manual Process & biometric attendance machines!

Touchless Attendance System is Must
in this COVID-19 Pandemic era!

TICK TICK TIME is hygiene and reliable attendance system will completely replace manual entries and fingerprint attendance. It also helps to prevent any infection via touch/contact and keep safe the user through touchless attendance.

Fingerprint Attendance
Tic Tick Time Attendance
Tick Tick Time Attendance
Manual Entries
Manual Entries

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