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No, sign-up not required credit card information.
Yes, TTT smart app easily recognizable the face in even low light and light variation.
Yes, our TTT attendance system completely touch-free. Not require to touch any device surfaces for Check in or Check out process.
No, TTT does not offer mask detection or finger-punch features.
Yes, it allows customize features and able to work as per your business policy and requirement.
TTT Attendance system is able to scan a face in just milliseconds.
No, you can turn off your device after completing your working/business hours.
No, all punched data is stored on the server.
If your device is not able to connect with the internet, you can use it in offline mode.
No, Tick Tick Time doesn't support for face recognition in crowd.
No, Tick Tick Time attendance system work based on real-time attendance system. It does not support object detection for face recognition.
When your face does not recognize at all, you can check-in/check-out through your QR card or PIN also. And also contact admin to update your stored image.