Skynet Technologies India

Rich Internet Application Development

Internet has evolved at a tremendous pace. It provides multiple platforms, which different people, across the globe, use according to their needs. This has been possible because of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). The RIA development company replaces the static websites with dynamics ones, which interact with users and give them a delightful user experience.

Why Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) Development?

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) have completely changed the way in which Internet is used. Skynet Technologies Development Company provides interactive, robust, scalable and affordable web applications, which empower online businesses to deliver products/services to customers spread around the globe. The following are benefits of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

  • Provides interactive and engaging environment for greater user experience and productivity.
  • Combines the best of web and desktop application to provide 'no refresh' feature for quicker user interactivity.
  • Offers perfect platform to create elegant online multimedia displays, intelligent business portals, interactive gaming, online trading and networking sites.
  • Provides inter-browser compatibility so that users using different technological platforms can easily access the web applications.
  • High scalability that facilitates easier accommodation of future changes in application.
  • It is fast evolving technology that consistently upgrades its features for greater user experience.
  • Basic Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) frameworks include Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, JavaFX, AJAX, Curl, GWT, and Mozilla XUL.

Our RIA development services include

Flex development We customize and integrate Flex applications with other web technologies including .NET, Java and PHP. Our RIA development team provides a holistic solution for creating and delivering rich internet applications for customer and enterprise platforms.

Ajax development for fast and engaging user interface development combined with other Web 2.0 technologies. As AJAX is used widely for RIA UI design, it provides extended visual service, desktop interactivity and functionality that add value to SOA through better user interaction. We use different AJAX frameworks that streamlines with the overall RIA design.

Flash Actionscript development services for highly interactive RIA applications and presentations. Our team of flash designers and Flash Actionscript Developers are experts in developing multimedia applications and games on a wide array of platforms and browsers.