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"In this age of information overload, people want clear solutions and you have to be more creative than ever to attract their attention".

Many innovative direct and Internet marketing techniques and strategies proven to gain attention, sell more products and services and develop a competitive edge.

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Skynet Technologies India specializes in helping clients find, attract and keep customers through innovative marketing campaigns that effectively combine

Internet and social media marketing strategies with traditional methods of promotion.


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We are not no1 web hosting, web designing company in Jamnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh, Baroda, Surat or Ahmedabad, we as team, always try to benefit customer from whatever work we do for them either is website designing, web hosting, domain registration, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Application Development or anything else

Skynet Technologies is a Jamnagar based web designing service provider company. We provide Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Website Designing, Web development, E-Commerce Development and Web Promotion services.

We serve 200+ clients originating from different countries, which make us one of the largest web hosting company in Gujarat State India. We are pioneers in Web solutions since last five years, based in Jamnagar, Gujarat, INDIA.

We never want to be no.1 Jamnagar web designing, development and software development company but we want to improve from our mistakes and learn earn for our customers.

We offer web designing, web-development and software development services. Our mission is to help clients achieve their business goals through customized website designing & web-development solutions and various SEO and web-marketing programs designed to maximize return on investment.

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Search Engine Promotion and Website Optimization

Search Engine Promotion and Website Optimization - Skynet Technologies INDIA Strives to offer our best

Search Engine Promotion and website optimization Web applications development, websites maintenance, website support 24/7 for web hosting and web site development. As your needs change and grow. Skynet Technologies INDIA provides support and services freeing you from expensive in-house support staff.

We partner with our clients to help their online business running smoothly and error-free. Skynet Technologies INDIA offers full cycle portal development services. We work closely with our clients to first identify business objectives, define a solution strategy and develop a detailed roadmap for Portal implementation. Based on the roadmap and architecture developed during the assessment and specification stage we deliver custom-built solutions with comprehensive business logic, efficient performance and business and technical scalability.

Enable effective management of online business including customer service, inventory, supply chain management, procurement, etc.

  • Generate additional sales by building a lasting profitable relationship with the clientele through a more responsive customer service
  • Facilitate direct communication with customers, vendors, suppliers and employees
  • Reduce resource requirements and operating costs through business processes automations

Skynet Technologies provides a comprehensive set of maintenance and support services depending on your business needs:

  • On-going Support (bug fixing, problems analysis and resolution, on-call support)
  • Adaptive Enhancements (modifications to support business or technical requirements' changes)
  • Perfective Upgrades (new functionality/features)
  • Technical Improvement (optimization restructuring/rewriting)

With Skynet Technologies you can be sure that your website / software solution is implementing the most efficient and up-to-date Open Source technologies of those available.


Iframe FTP hack - my site is listed in Google as a host of malware

My site is listed in Google’s results with the comment "this site may harm your computer" and browsers also display a warning page when used to view my site.

What has happened to my site?

Prior to August 2009, we had seen some isolated cases of web sites being hacked to insert an "iframe" linking to malware within them.

The way this seemed to work was that the default document on the root of the site (and perhaps in other folders) was rewritten to add an iframe which linked to a page on a site controlled by a hacker, on a .ru domain (though the domain is unlikely to indicate the true nationality of the hackers). When a user visits the site, they would be prompted to download some software (served to them through the remote malware site) which if downloaded could infect the site visitor's machine.

Google and the main browsers now pick up such infected sites and block them, to try to prevent other users from becoming infected. Often this is the first that you might know about your site being infected.

The following is some background we have gathered from our own personal experience and that of others who have posted their investigations online.

How does the infection occur?

Firstly, Googling reveals that this appears to be a widespread problem and not related to CactuShop or ASP (as many reports of Cold Fusion and static sites being hit). Similarly, it does not appear to be limited to particular web hosts - we've seen it on various ones. It does not seem to be a server exploit as users have reported sites on Linux/Apache being attacked in a similar way. The strongest suggestion appears to be that the client machine used to connect to the site is compromised. This would certainly explain why most sites on a server are unaffected, and why a 'cleaned' site can be quickly re-infected.

What we do know for certain is that the files are modified by FTP, so the critical issue is how the password is obtained.

We are almost certain it is not by brute force, since we would see such attempts in logs and it would probably take some time to rehack a cleaned site that has changed FTP passwords. So the most likely explanation seems to be a compromise/exploit/infection on the machine you use to FTP to the web site.

How do I clean it all up?

The first step, assuming that the compromise is indeed client side, is to thoroughly disinfect your machine. The SpyWare Doctor from PC Tools has been recommended as effective in removing it. If multiple machines access your web site using FTP, ensure all are swept clean. The hack can then be removed from the default.asp file on your site via FTP. Look for 'iframe' and you should find it easily. Make sure you also check other folders on your site (if any) that also have index or default documents. If we are hosting the site, we will change the FTP password.

What happens if my site gets re-infected again?

The same process should be followed, as it suggests the compromise on at least one computer connecting may not have been removed. We will at this point change the FTP password and can clean the files ourselves if the site is hosted by us. We will hold off on notifying you of the new password to see if this indeed does prevent reinfection. This would tend to indicate beyond doubt that the compromise is not on the server or in the software, but on one of your machines (discussion on forums seems to confirm this, but we still like to see things with our own eyes).

Removing your site from Google's security block and browser 'malware' blocks You will need to sign up for Google's webmaster tools. You must prove you control your domain by doing Google's verification step (the simplest method is by placing the HTML file with the name they tell you on the root of your site). Once this is done, you will see the message that your site is listed for malware. Assuming you have cleaned the problem, you can then request a site review to remove it.

Update: 8th September 2009

Further information suggests that flaws in Adobe Flash installed on client computers are responsible. Firefox is introducing a new measure to warn users if their Flash plugin is out of date, which lends credibility to the theory that out of date Flash plugins pose a significant risk.


Google signs search deal with Twitter, delivering blow to Bing

Only a few hours earlier, Microsoft announced it had signed a deal with Twitter and Facebook to include its users’ status updates in Bing’s search results, at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

Google has now retaliated, announcing a very similar sounding deal via its blog . The post said: "Given this new type of information and its value to search, we are very excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results".

"We believe that our search results and user experience will greatly benefit from the inclusion of this up-to-the-minute data, and we look forward to having a product that showcases how tweets can make search better in the coming months. That way, the next time you search for something that can be aided by a real-time observation, say, snow conditions at your favorite ski resort, you’ll find tweets from other users who are there and sharing the latest and greatest information."

There was no mention in the blog post about a tie-up with Facebook, and Sheryl Sandberg, the social networking company’s chief operating officer, remained tight-lipped about a potential Google search deal while on stage at Web 2.0. The former Google employee refused to be drawn in either direction, but did not deny that the link-up could happen.

When comparing Google to Facebook, Ms Sandberg said that the two companies were coming from different points of view about information sharing. "The question is how do you get the information you want? Google sources its information from strangers, whereas we believe in the wisdom of friends."

Microsoft’s partnerships with Twitter and Facebook are not exclusive and the beta site, went live today.

So-called "real-time" search is viewed as the next battleground for internet search, with web users tapping in to services such as Twitter to find out the hot topics of conversation and latest news at any given moment.

Please note that this information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but if we become aware of new information we will update this article.